What Most Business Owners Sign Up For But Never Achieve.
Learn How To Build A Business That Works Without You
"After 3 months of not being able to work I could not believe how well my business was running (and how profitable it was)."
In late 2016 I unfortunately became ill with glandular fever and chronic fatigue which left me unable to work productively for 3 months....

It was a truly horrible, stressful and frustrating time in my life.

I remember trying to take a call one day and completely forgot who I was even speaking to.

I knew my body needed time and I had no choice but to wait for it to heal.

Lucky for me while I was dealing with my health issues my business was running well and I still got paid.

I did not have to worry about being able to afford my house repayments or pay the bills.

If I had to see more doctors or pay for tests it was not an issue.

Money was dropped into my bank account regardless of my showing up to work.

Only after going through this experience do I realise how lucky I was to have setup my business to run without me before it happened.

Most businesses I have come across would have gone under or had to sell their house if they didn't work for as long as i did.

This is why it's so important to build a business that does not require you.

I can't help but feel for the people who lose their business due to unforeseen issues like health.

You could be doing everything right in business only to be shattered and lose it all.

Now, I would like you to take a minute and think about what would happen to your life and business if you did not show up for a month or so?
Would everything be OK?
Or would you now have financial issues?

I know this can be a scary topic to address or an easy topic to ignore because you believe you are bulletproof (just like I thought I was bulletproof).

But, it's something i feel should make the priority list for ALL business owners.

When I returned to work after the experience what caught me by surprise was how well everything was going.

The business was running well and we were making money...

I almost did not believe it. I was ready to start grinding the days out getting us back to a profit!

Did they even need me to come back?

The truth was, no they didn't and I had spent much of my time being in the way of them doing good work.

After this experience I now feel obligated to show people how Linh Podetti and myself setup Outsourcing Angel to run without either of us.

I have channeled all my experience and learnings into a comprehensive, step-by-step course that not only teaches you how to build a business that works without you, but also shows you how to implement my system so you can do the same.
You can model my system, my process and my techniques.
I've recently made the transition from only using these methods and systems for myself to helping other people achieve the same and I've found it far more rewarding and fulfilling.

The feeling of helping someone else move towards having a business that does not need them has been AMAZING!

I find myself being more excited with their results than my own.

Which brings me to the favour:

As I've only done this for myself and a few other select business owners
(14 other business owners to be exact) I am now looking for more business owners to take through this course for round 2

If you want to be a part of round 2 of this program the cost will be $1297 AUD

***please note the price will go up for round 3 so do not miss this discounted opportunity***

I will ask in return if you love my program, that you record a video testimonial and let me know anything you’d love to see added.

This would really help me with my business but also, you will achieve a business that can run without you.

Naturally, I can only take on a limited number of people per intake so please do not sit on the fence.

If you are serious about having a business that works without you, then lets do this!

This next intake will run from August 21st .

If you'd like to be my "August 21st" group then hit the green button below.
What Type Results Can You Expect?
If you go through the course and do the work then over time I expect you to have the results I have in my life right now...
  • You will not be required for the business to run
  •  Your income is not tied to how many hours or days you work
  •  You get to pick and choose what you do for work (if anything)
  •  You can take holidays or a long weekend anytime you choose
  •  Your business is scaleable
  •  Your business is sellable (and attractive to buyers)
  •  You can spend more time with loved ones and friends
You can also see from the testimonials below the results others have achieved by working with me:
What Are We Covering?
01. Planning & Design
  • How to define your dream business by examining your skills, knowledge and lifestyle goals
  •  Understanding the difference between owning a business and operating it and why others can operate the business for you
  •  How to avoid common planning mistakes that keep you "IN" the business
  •  Know what your profit will be before you build the business
  •  Creating a business that is system reliant and not person reliant
02. Product, Service & Team
  • How to create products and services that don't need you to be delivered and stop you from being needed
  •  How to setup your product and or service so it is cashflow positive and wont require you to keep putting cash in to grow your business
  •  Working out who you need to hire and what order to hire them in
  •  How to chose what roles to hire for and what tasks to outsource to other companies or contractors
  •  Understanding what needs tasks to be done by local staff and what can be done off shore at a much cheaper rate
03. Systems, Procedures & Project Management
  • How to create systems that maximise business efficiency and minimise waste
  •  The most important systems you need to have in your business
  •  How to get your team to update your systems for you
  •  Where to store you systems so the team can find them
  •  How to enforce your systems to keep your business quality high
  •  Presenting your systems in a way so that your business could be sold in the future
  •  Project management tools I recommend
04. Marketing & Sales
  • Get VERY clear on what makes your business different and who your target market is
  •  Creating an offer that makes converting leads easy
  •  Deciding if you should hire a marketing agency to generate leads and sales or do it in house
  •  How to find and setup Joint Venture and partnership deals to keep leads coming in
05. How To Manage A Business That Does Not Need You
  • What are the important numbers to be tracking in a business
  •  My one page report that lets me know everything is "ok"
  •  The secret of KPI's and how to use them to see what is working and not working in your business
  •  What to do if problems come up in the business
  •  How to use a VA to be your eyes and ears when you are away
  •  How to keep your team engaged and productive while you are away from the business
06. How To Scale
It Out
  • Creating your plan to go from where you are currently to where you want to be
  •  How to set your business growth rate so that you don't hit big challenges along the way
  •  know how to build out your team for maximum efficiency 
What Is The Cost?
The cost of the 6 week course is $1297 AUD for the August 21st intake. 

The content will be delivered online weekly through a membership site.

You will be required to watch some video content and complete some homework with each module.

Each week we will also have an online group call to answer any questions that come up to help you keep moving.

Judging from the last group these calls have been super valuable and will not want to be missed! 

We also have a private Facebook group for support and getting to know the other members.

Each person will also receive 3 one-on-one sessions with me to organise and implement this material in your business. 

** please note if it takes you longer than 6 weeks to get through the material you will still have access to the material **
How To Tell If The Course Is Right For You?

  •  You are done with having to put in big hours week after week
  •   You don't like that you have to show up for your business to make money
  •  You are really sick and tired of having your business work around you and feeling you have to do things
  • You have hit a revenue ceiling because you don't have any more time to give
  • You are teachable and willing to change to achieve the result
  • You understand that time is your most precious resource
  • You struggle to take holidays and time off and when you do your business suffers
  • Your social and personal life is being neglected
What Makes This Course Different?
The key difference with this course over other courses is "I live this".

My life is a result of doing exactly what i'm teaching in this course.

I do not need to do this. I WANT TO DO THIS

I make my money doing this exact thing at Outsourcing Angel. Not from selling courses.

Feel free to see my company here - http://outsourcingangel.com/

This course is something I'm passionate about giving back to after a challenging experience with my health.

Too many business owners are suffering, hating their business and missing out on life when it does not have to be that way!
Can I Really Change My Business In 6 weeks?
Being real probably not. I'm not going to sell you bullshit.
The 6 weeks is the time it will take to learn this material and begin the path of having your business run without you.

This is why after the 6 weeks there is a support and implementation group to ensure you get success with the course.

This will be a private Facebook group in which we can all work together to make this transition in to true business owners.
What Happens If It Doesn't Work?
Do You Have a Guarantee?
I had this exact concern when building the course.

What if the material I teach doesn't work?

That is exactly why I have taken 14 others through the material to make sure it works for others! It was not a fluke that it worked for me and it will work for you if you do the work.

If you go through this course and do the work but do not get results, I will personally work in your business to make it so.

If I can't make it work then I will give you a full refund.

My guarantee is that I will give this my all.

To be of the group for August 21st please use this link below
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